Move the US Coast Guard to The Department Of Defense


The Coast Guard is part of the Department of Homeland Security. As one of the five military branches, the Coast Guard service members do not get the same benefits and opportunities that the Depart of Defense offers their service members. During the government shut down Coast Guard members and retirees do not get paid while [...]

Re-Address the Contract with Private Employers and the Military Reserve


 The Military Reserve for the past 20 years has been using the reserve more and more. This puts a larger burden on private industry higher than expected 20 years ago. The government must look at private business concerns and the changes that the Reserve program has made to staffing regular and not surge missions.  

Eliminate the Illegal Drug Trade from Central America


For years we call it a "War on Drugs". In the military, we address our adversary's "center of Gravity" as a key target to winning the conflict. Money is key to the illegal drug trade. The federal spends a lot of money chasing drug traffickers. The federal government needs to go after the money and [...]

Reduce the IRS


Income can better regulate at the state level through income taxes. Then the states fund the federal government. Each state has the right to make or break their own bank accounts. This creates a competition between states to compete for businesses and incentivize people to move there and be productive. Simplify the tax process. As [...]

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