Project Description

For years we call it a “War on Drugs”. In the military, we address our adversary’s “center of Gravity” as a key target to winning the conflict. Money is key to the illegal drug trade. The federal spends a lot of money chasing drug traffickers. The federal government needs to go after the money and remove its center of gravity. When the drug trade is removed from Central America many of our other issues are solved. Central America needs to be a prosperous region for its people and in turn for the USA. The many resources used to process illegal drugs would be turned into legitimate businesses and farms. A truckload of fresh tropical produce arriving in the USA is better than a truckload of cocaine. We need their profit in shipping fruit and legal goods to the USA to be better than shipping Illegal. This does not mean we pay more. The illegal trade has plenty of hidden costs when we apply human loss and quality of life to the illegal trade equation.