Project Description

A federal position should not be a forever career. A representative needs to bring their years of business experience to congress, make improvements, handle contingencies, make the future strong, and get out or move on to a new position. Moving to another office is also a good choice. The military does not allow a member to stay in one position their whole career. By changing jobs, we all grow and develop. Staying in one position too long creates complacency. Limits need to be set on each position. Being in congress for twenty-five or more years does not help you represent your district better. It just allows the special interests to get hold of you and not let go. We do not need “establishment” politicians. A reasonable and effective term limit must be set on Congressional seats. Aligning to the maximum of eight years that a president may serve is a reasonable and effective limit. By knowing when someone will be transferring out other new blood can be ready to step up without having to do side deals and pulling political favors.